Malcolm has worked within the funeral business for over 70 years. He left school in 1947 and went straight to work for an independent funeral director, in his home town of Abertillery. His early duties were many and varied; from cleaning the hearse and cars to ‘pitching’ the inside of the coffins he was learning to construct. Malcolm had a two year period away from Abertillery, and the firm, in order to carry-out 2 years on National Service. After serving his two years Malcolm returned to Abertillery, rejoined his previous firm and continued there quite happily until 1966 when the offer and acceptance of a position with the Co-operative Funeral Service in Swansea, working as area manager, came about. In the late 1970’s a permanent move to Llanelli to oversee the now Co-op owned Thomas Morgan & Son was offered. This was a position he and his wife Mary were to hold for a number of years until Malcolm decided to open his own funeral home with the help of his wife Mary, and son Paul. They felt the time was right, after working for a large national company for so many years. Malcolm J. Silcox & Son was set up in 1986, in Long Row, off Swansea Road in Llanelli.




Malcolm holds a Diploma from NAFD in Funeral Directing; he completed a manager’s association certification within the Co-op, he has been for many years a member of BIFD, and Silcox & Son joined SAIF as one of the first members.



Mary’s mother was the house keeper for the funeral directors when Malcolm had first started in the business in Abertillery. In 1966, with the move to Swansea, Mary worked in the office of the Co-op funeral directors, continuing in the same position in Llanelli before moving onto their own business venture. Mary has been the main florist for Malcolm J. Silcox & Son funeral directors during the time of their 31 years at Long Row. Mary started her florist journey numerous years before, in 1969, completing her first floristry course in Swansea conducted by Robyn Wayne. Mary established herself as a well known florist in Llanelli and surrounding areas, for her work in funerals, weddings and private orders.



Paul in 1986, along with his mum and dad purchased the premises at Long Row, where they have been for these last 31 years. Paul joined the business as his dad’s apprentice, soon after establishing his own position within the business. In 2009, Paul took over a local stone masons, Stonecraft of Llanelli, which has been run ever since by Silcox Family. In 2016, Paul then went onto purchase new premises, in New Road, Llanelli, (formely Ty Gwyn Church) which he is now renovating and expanding with the help of his two children, Caitlin and Callum. They now make Silcox Family Funeral Directors a third generation family business.



Callum joined his dad in the winter of 2015 on a part time basis to start, helping on funerals, with driving of the hearse, cars and general jobs within the business. After completing his first year in university on a sports degree, Callum decided to leave university and go with his dad full time to continue the business into the third generation of funeral directors. Callum is completing his NAFD diploma in Funeral Directing, as well as taking on the role of Funeral Plan co-ordinator. Callum is looking to complete an Embalming course later on in the year of 2017.



With the expansion on the business and moving to the new premises in New Road, Silcox Family needed an extra pair of hands on board. Jordan, who Paul has known all his life, as his Dad is an old, old family friend, was perfect to fit the bill. Jordan came to work in winter of 2016, on a similar basis to Callum, with jobs such driving of the hearse etc., following Malcolm and Mary’s retirement in 2016. Jordan has now joined Silcox Family on a full time basis. Jordan will be completing his Diploma from NAFD in Funeral Directing in 2017.



Jonathan is Paul’s brother-in-law. He joined the business in 2007, taking on the role as Assistant funeral director to Paul> Jonathan soon established his position in the business, following and shadowing Malcolm and Paul to learn the ins and outs of the way the business was run. Jonathan then went on to achieve his BRAMM license in 2012, (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons), to continue the work of Stonecraft by Silcox. Jonathan has since established a good reputation for his craftsmanship in Stone Masonary  with an extensive portfolio.




Caitlin followed in the footsteps of her grandfather, grandmother and father in 2016, joining the business. Following her grandmother by taking on the role as the funeral florist, which has led to the continuation of Flowers by Silcox. Caitlin has completed her fourth floristry course in early 2017, specialising in sympathy tributes and has become a member of the British Floristry Association. She has also taken on the role, within the business, as part of the management team of numerous duties including dealing with the Golden Charter Funeral plans. Caitlin will complete her Diploma from NAFD in Funeral Directing in the year 2017.