We at Silcox Family Funeral Directors offer the use of a private chapel in which your loved ones funeral celebration service can take place.

Our chapel allows a seating allocation of up to 100 people, facilities for your own choice of music, a projector and screen in which you can showcase a slideshow of pictures, poems, hymns etc. which you wish to be played/shown during the service, which adds that personal touch to you.


The viewing is a time for family to support one another in their grief. The deceased can be present in an open or closed coffin or casket, allowing you and others who loved the person who has died to acknowledge the reality of the death and to say goodbye. The decision to view is an individual one. Mourners should not be prevented from viewing, nor should they be forced to do so.

Our air-conditioned viewing rooms give family and friends privacy to say their goodbyes. This is a very personal time and our rooms reflect this, creating an atmosphere of comfort and support.

You may consider giving close friends the opportunity to be involved in the viewing.

Each of our 4 air-conditioned private viewing rooms has its own music docking system with Bluetooth technology, enabling you to play your own choice of music.

On site staff members have been trained in HABC Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (QCF) by Cariad AED Ltd. Here at Silcox Family we also have onsite a Defibrillator, where our First Aid qualified staff are also have full training in use of this device.


We offer every family the use of our Private washing and dressing facilities. We understand that some families wish to dress their loved ones prior to the service. We offer you a completely private room, which enables you and members of your family to do so.